D.S. Tierney

Author of the Terragard series

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All the Gold
All the Gold

Dark Ages
Dark Ages

The WorldAnvil of Terragard
The WorldAnvil of Terragard

All the Gold
All the Gold


Upcoming Appearances

While ACE Comic Con did not go on as planned, future dates for shows are already in the works!

July 25/26, 2020 - Savannah Mega Con

October 2020 - ACE Comic Con Chicago



The world of Terragard is a dangerous place. Grint, adopted son of the God of Thieves, has survived by stealing, cheating, and conning his way across the world. When a necromancer hires him to rob the un-robbable city - it’s too good an opportunity to pass up. And one he should have.


The Hit Audiodrama Podcast, now in Print! The Lunar Sundering follows three adventures during the cataclysm that created the world of Terragard. Birth of the Bhanyu - Lost and alone during the end of the world, Elna finds strange friends and unexpected adversaries. The Grummahrand - Scharep, De'Krau warlock and caste leader, is blamed for the Lunar Sundering. As he runs, he will find his only hope lies with the long-lost book, The Grummahrand. The Last City in the Sky - The final tale is one of a young group called the Undersiders both before and after the Sundering. Will they and the Senethiel survive the war?

About The Author

I am a published creative author and working copywriter.  I focus primarily on Adult Fantasy, but dabble a bit in Science Fiction.

My first foray into Fantasy came at a young age when I received a beautiful hardcover edition of The Hobbit.  I must have read it a thousand times before I realized Tolkien wrote other books!

These influential writers have helped guide my fantastical journey:

  • J.R.R Tolkien

  • Terry Brooks

  • Robert Jordan

  • George R.R. Martin

  • Steven Erikson

  • Stephen King

What I'm Reading: The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

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